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Save Energy. Increase Profits. Upgrade Smart.

You waste energy every day. We specialise in identifying it, reducing it and using the proceeds to fund your transition to a smarter, more profitable restaurant.

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Step #1

It starts with energy...

Your assets. Your processes. Real-time monitoring and control to reduce your bills by 20% or more.

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Air Conditioning
Energy Reduction

More than $13,000 in savings over a five-year period, on just one air conditioning unit.

Refrigeration Energy Reduction

A 34% reduction in energy consumption on this refrigeration unit, whilst also extending its lifecycle via reduced compressor cycles.

Lighting Energy Reduction

Targeted scheduling remove totally the overnight energy spend for this lighting, not needed for security purposes.

Fryer Ventilation Energy Reduction

Two step fryer ventilation energy reduction - hit 44% immediate-impact energy savings..

Step #2

Prevent Equipment Failing & Digitise

An IoT network connected wirelessly throughout your restaurant, working invisibly to make your life easier.

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Asset Failure Prevention

Monitoring of your key machines, with alarms against potential or actual failure.

Temperature Monitoring

Live feed of temperature from your warming or cooling equipment.

Open Door Alarms

Chiller door left open? Audible alarms will flag this inefficient and wasteful behaviour.

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